Getting to Know S{YOU} Student Spotlight: Going Underground with Braden Sigua

This week on Getting To Know S{YOU}, I’m doing another Student Spotlight! I sat down with KXSU DJ and Seattle University first year Braden Sigua to talk about his radio show, the music scene, and SU pro tips.

Student: Braden Sigua (also goes by DJ B)

Place of Origin: Snohomish, Washington

Year: Freshman, Class of 2020

Residence: Campion


CP: What is your position at KXSU?

Braden: I’m a student DJ and I run a radio show every Monday from 9:00 – 10:00 p.m.

CP: How would you describe the show?

Braden: My whole aesthetic for the show is sort of surrounded around the idea that my music taste isn’t very developed. I purposely play stuff that I know people will recognize. I know that underground music is really in right now and while I’m sure a lot of it is great, it’s a very specific crowd. My show is designed to get everyone singing along. Sort of those “Everyone knows this song even if no one knows what it’s called”-type of songs.

CP: Do you feel like there’s a new kind of vibe that comes with indie music nowadays?

Braden: I think it’s a social movement more than anything else. Underground music attracts hipsters (I don’t mean that in a bad way at all) and because ‘hipster’ is a very popular demographic, more and more, people are drawn to the underground music scene to the point where, if you ignore the whole movement, you just end up excluded. It’s a cycle. The underground becomes popular and then it washes out and then the unheard stuff goes from unheard to underground to popular, and so on and so forth.

CP: Where do you find the inspiration for the content you deliver on the air?

Braden: To be honest, I love hearing myself talk and I love talking to people, so I have guests on the air every week and I’ll ask them a question, and they’ll ask me a question, and we’ll just chat. Sometimes I’ll have people ask me for advice, and I’ll usually just recycle advice my mom has already given me, which is always guaranteed to go well.


CP: What kind of music do you listen to?

Braden: I listen to everything except for modern country because I honestly feel like it’s just trash. However, I do love older country music like Johnny Cash, for example. Lately I’ve been listening to more EDM and hip hop. When I’m studying, I’ll opt for more relaxed electronic music or jazz. Then when I’m working out (I’m on the rowing team), I’ll listen to harder rap.

CP: What are you trying to accomplish with your radio show?

Braden: Basically, I love music and I love compliments, so I play music that I know my friends will like, and hopefully everyone else will love, too. I don’t want to achieve anything. I want a platform where I can reach a large audience and people can hear what I have to say, and maybe enjoy the kind of music I enjoy. DJ’ing for KXSU is my refreshing break from the tumultuous day-to-day life of a college student.
CP: Do you think your future career will involve music or radio?

Braden: I’ve definitely thought about it but my ideal job is one where I can travel a lot and make a lot of money, and also have a family, because I really want to be a dad (and I think I’d be a great one). However, I do think a career in broadcasting would be really cool.


CP: Do you have any pro-tips that Seattle University students just have to know?

Braden: I know you aren’t expecting more than one, but I love pro-tips, so here are 8.

  1. When getting a burrito, tell the register it’s veggie and save a few bucks. Not saying I’ve done it…but it’s an idea.
  2. When looking for cough drops, get Black Halls. All other cough drops have, like, 3mg of menthol; the black ones have 18.
  3. When going down the elevator, hold the closed button so it doesn’t stop on any floors. I don’t know if this works, but I’ve yet to stop and I’ve tried it 5 times.
  4. Many of the chairs in The Byte have outlets on the floor, so don’t feel like you need to move to the wall.
  5. If you haven’t been to the 6th floor of the library yet, it’s amazingly quiet and beautiful. Go up there and think about life.
  6. If you like the Teriyaki Bowl from The Cave, the one at The Bottom Line has thicker sauce, and therefore is better.
  7. Hands down, the best ice cream in the city is a block away on 11th. It’s called Kurt’s Farm Shop (on Chophouse row). It’s beautiful.
  8. The number one investment for a room is a vacuum. You can clean up messes whenever, and you don’t have to rent out the trashy ones that the school has.

CP: Do you have anything else super important to say?

Braden: Everybody should watch the video, “Why Bob Dylan Won the Nobel Prize.” I didn’t start listening to Bob Dylan until after I saw this video, but it’s so amazing and so important. Just watch it.

Catch DJ B every Monday from 9:00 – 10:00 p.m. on KXSU 102.1FM.

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