A Night For Students to Shine: Seattle University’s Battle of the Band

Music brings people together. Even in the context of a battle, per say, seeing live music with a group of people that appreciate the artist and the atmosphere that surrounds the venue is truly the most refreshing experience. That’s the beauty of SEAC’s Battle of the Bands. The most amazing part of Battle of the Bands was the amount of support that was drawn in for the Seattle University artists showcasing their amazing talent. From rap artist Otamp, who spit verses of passion, enthusiasm, and social justice, to crowd favorite, Morado, who provided the sounds of a Seattle-based alternative rock band on the rise to stardom, the night carried a great event during the kickoff to Seattle University’s 2017 Homecoming Weekend, bringing the community closer together.

We started the night with underground rapper Otamp, whose music really brought the crowd to life. He spoke of truth and justice, weaving his experiences of being a black man in America, while advocating for us to keep love and peace in our hearts. It was a great way to the set the tone for the rest of the show. With a quirky and hilariously sardonic lead singer, Bad Saint followed by introducing a new way to express the awkward experiences of their love life, whether it was finally being able to pick the shower curtain they wanted after their boyfriend moved out, or a Tinder date that went completely wrong. Bad Saint’s set was not only amazing, but was great entertainment. It really engaged the audience in what their songs were trying to say.

I will note that a great number of girls showed up to One11Twenty’s performance. The lead singer — who I will admit, was quite attractive — flew in all the way from Boston to perform with his two best friends that attend Seattle University. His charisma and carefree attitude while on stage was very appealing to a good number of audience members. Their eclectic sound, made up of only a drum set, a bass, and a sound board, was enough to capture the attention of everyone watching them that night.


Photo courtesy of One11Twenty’s Facebook Page

Shortly after was a complete 180º spin with pop-punk rap duo Sweaty Teenz took the stage. Their sound very much differed from the other acts of the night, as the two members of the act created a slightly less aggressive style of music that paralleled twenty one pilots.

Last but certainly not least, Morado, who ended up winning Battle of the Bands and securing a performance spot at this year’s Quadstock Music Festival, closed out the night. I could definitely see this band slowly becoming more and more known in the Seattle area just from word of mouth, and as the winners of the night’s contest, they did not disappoint. Their indie-alternative sound was a smooth and delightful way to end the show.


Photo courtesy of Morado’s Facebook Page

Overall, attending my first Battle of the Bands as a freshman at Seattle University certainly lived up to my expectations. It was so refreshing to hear local bands that were formed by real students in the community, and I definitely loved being a part of celebrating the college’s Homecoming Weekend.



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