Wait…It’s Not 2007 Anymore? Previewing Circa Survive at Showbox Sodo

[Album Art by Esao Andrews]

My music taste in middle school was a mess. I think this goes without saying for most people. However, there are those few bands or artists that you hold onto loving. One of the bands that has stood the test of time for me is Circa Survive. On February 18th at Showbox SoDo, I get to relive the glory of the earlier 2000s when Circa Survive plays on their On Letting Go 10-year anniversary tour.

Circa Survive formed in 2004 when musicians already prevalent in the emo and post-hardcore scenes decided to embark on something new. The band was looking to develop the genres they knew well into something more progressive, rhythmic, and cleaned-up. What they created as a result stands as a major influence for countless bands today. The album On Letting Go, released in 2007, is a fan favorite and will be performed in full each date of tour. As a sophomore release, On Letting Go displays the band’s innovation with clean, yet emotionally-charged vocals and an impressive variety of alternative styles. Lead singer Anthony Green recently commented, “It’s crazy to listen back to ourselves with this new perspective of a decade. So many little hidden messages to myself…little lessons that carry almost more weight now than when it was just released.”

To add to the nostalgia, another influential and classic band within that scene, mewithoutYou, is joining them. mewithoutYou has been together since 2001, and is notable for quirky experimentation around punk, spoken word, and indie-rock. Personally, my favorite part of seeing them live is when they pull out the accordion.

Finally, as the icing on the cake, Pennsylvania indie-rock/dream-pop band Turnover will be playing, as well. After their 2015 release, Peripheral Vision, Turnover blew up in popularity. They master combining a gentle and groovy sound with some of their earlier punk and emo roots. They will definitely provide a fun and modern touch to the show.

Catch Circa Survive, mewithoutYou, and Turnover at Showbox Sodo on February 18, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. The event is all ages. Tickets are available here.

JULIA SCHWAB | RIP Club Penguin | KXSU Music Reporter


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