Seattle’s Newest Socialite: An Interview with Taylor Nolan from The Bachelor

[The Bachelor / ABC]

Since coming to Seattle University, I’ve picked up a couple of bad habits, but none of them quite compare to my love-hate relationship with The Bachelor. I got hooked into this world this time last year, when about half of my floor would camp out in the lounge on Monday nights. I sat in one night and then I was in, anxiously awaiting to see which set of women would get group dates, and then screaming when my favorites would get sent home (I hate myself for admitting this).


Once Season 21 picked up in January, I found myself huddled around a TV every Monday night again with my friends. When we saw that Taylor was from Seattle, we all started rooting for her, and when she ended up being the one who would confront Corinne, we were hooked. Taylor eventually got sent home, and I knew I needed to find out what really happened. So, I managed to get her to do an interview with me, and I got to ask her all of the burning questions about Nick, Corinne, and the other women. Watch below to find out a bit more about what really went on, and a bit more about her, including what she’s listening to right now and her favorite Seattle spots.

Be sure to keep up with Taylor on Twitter and Instagram for more!

ANNA KAPLAN | I’m not talking about music?? | KXSU Music Reporter


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