Flush Down the Tylet: Preview of Ty Segall at Neumos

[Photo courtesy of Panache Booking]

I almost forgot that I was going to see Ty Segall this Thursday (I snagged tickets as soon as he announced the show months ago), and when I finally did remember yesterday, I did this big sigh thing, and my eyes bugged out of my head, and I said a couple expletives.

Ty’s been a big one for me, as he, along with bands like American Football and Courtney Barnett, changed the course of my music listening, which had been strictly Vampire Weekend and Two Door Cinema Club, into a slightly different direction around my sophomore year of high school. It greatly increased my grime factor, and a lot of my friends turned their noses, to my delight. I’ve seen him live once before, at Sasquatch last year, where he played early afternoon on one of the smaller stages and destroyed his shorter festival set. He came on stage with The Baby Mask, to elated roars and screams, because how else can you react to a set beginning with a man in a baby mask?

He’s the epitome of garage rock to me; the manifestation of the word “fuzzy.” He’s keyed in to this certain trashy kind of sound that’s funky and sharp. He’s an artist who has created his own quintessential genre. This tour is promoting his new self-titled album, released in January, which follows this same distorted, fuzzy sound that has matured and grown even sharper.

Segall is playing three shows at Neumos this week, which is insane. It’s really great of him to play at Neumos when his obvious popularity could take him somewhere bigger. He’ll be joined by Axis Sova of Chicago, and Weird Omen of (their Facebook just says “USA”), two similarly-styled psychedelic rock garage bands that are sure to mesh well with the whole night.

If you need any more reason to go see him, there’s even a video of him smashing a toilet with his name written on it in Sharpie.

Ty Segall is playing Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (March 2, 3, 4) all at 8:00 p.m. The Friday show is 21+, but both the Thursday and Friday shows are already sold out. Saturday is all ages, and their opener is Nail Polish, a killer local band. Tickets are $25. Get ‘em fast!



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