Couple Goals Galore: Tennis at Neumos

[Photo by Celene Koller]

The dreamiest couple currently on the music scene, Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley, also known as Tennis, played Neumos this past February 28th, and it was a show to behold (especially after awakening from a nap with my roommate and feeling super groggy).

Opener Peter Matthew Bauer, more known for playing the bass in the indie rock band The Walkmen, showed up onstage at around 9:00 p.m. with just a guitar. Before Bauer played, he mentioned to the crowd that he woke up sick and was quite nervous, and unfortunately, I don’t think much of the crowd was digging it, because you could barely hear him over other people’s conversations. Not truly being able to pick up on Bauer’s vocals and performance was hard to experience, and you could tell he was giving it his all despite his setbacks. Much of Bauer’s music reminded me of a mix of Bob Dylan-esque storytelling, with a hint of Bruce Springsteen vocals.


Photo by Celene Koller

Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley, accompanied by a drummer and bassist, began their set at around 9:45 p.m. with the slow, groovy sound of “In the Morning I’ll be Better.” Moore was sporting a pair of flared black and white-striped pants with a long-sleeve bodysuit, and Riley wore a tan leather jacket with light-washed Levi Jeans, collectively creating a 70s-like feel to the show. (And I can’t forget the disco ball that hung from above, too.)

Throughout the show, Tennis played a good mix of new songs off of their upcoming release, Yours Conditionally, and old hits from their previous releases. Moore made a comment thanking the crowd for allowing them to play newer songs, “but sometimes you gotta give them what they want,” shortly before playing “Marathon” from the band’s debut album, Cape Dory.


Photo by Celene Koller

Tennis ended up playing another new track off of their upcoming album about the couple’s wedding day. Called “Matrimony,” the song was sported by Moore’s amazing vocals. Throughout the show, I couldn’t help but swoon over how good Moore looked, and how adorable she and Riley are as a couple. The two ended the night without their accompanied band, with an encore of “My Better Self,” as well as a personal favorite, “Bad Girls.” Before “Bad Girls,” Tennis tried to start on the same count, but hysterically failed. They brushed it off, saying, “Even though we’re married and co-writers, we still can’t read each other.”

I noticed Tennis attracted a bit of an older crowd, but that didn’t stop the crowd from swaying and singing during their set. I think seeing Tennis had some sort of spiritual awakening effect on me, because I can’t stop thinking about this show.

Keep up with Tennis, and don’t forget to check out their upcoming release, Yours Conditionally, set to drop on March 10th.

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