Treefort Music Fest: Friday’s Bringing the Sheep & Thunder

It’s Friday! It’s the weekend! This is the first truly jam-packed day of Treefort, which means an extra amount of running around, trying to see the best bands, and starting even earlier than the past two days. If you need some recommendations, here are the sets we recommend checking out.

East Forest

Since last year’s Treefort, East Forest has stuck with me because he’s a captivating one-man show. It’s difficult to pinpoint the genre of his music, but it’s been described as “electro-acoustic,” which is pretty accurate. There are electronic bits to his songs, but a lot of it includes taking realistic sounds—like crickets chirping—and turning it into music. You can catch him at the Linen Building on Friday at 4:00 p.m. -SL

Hybrid Sheep Organizer

Hybrid Sheep Organizer is a group of ever-changing musicians that play experimental rock. Last year I had the chance to check out their show, and I was stunned. Their rock sound is unique, and it has consistently maintained its identity as the band has grown through its years of being a local Boise band. Check them out at the Boise All-Ages Movement Project at 4:00 p.m. -SL


Multiple people have told me on numerous occasions, “Oh, you have to see Thunderpussy,” and I’m finally taking their advice. They seem like my kind of band—from Seattle, all bad*ss womxn, and they’re currently in a legal battle to keep the rights to their band’s name (which, in contrast to all of the unearned female-related band names for all-male groups, theirs is a powerful reclamation and invitation to “Club Pussy”). Thunderpussy plays at 4:45 p.m. at the main stage on Friday, but in case you miss them, or just want to see round two of their “sweet, blues-rock soul,” catch them again on Saturday at 11:30 p.m. at Hannah’s. -AH


Genders is a band from Portland, Oregon who describe themselves as “psych rock/dream pop” band. They’re a band that you’ll fall in love with while head banging to their music; I’ve already fallen for them. Genders will be playing at El Korah Shrine at 10:10 p.m. – SL

Touche Amore

I’m extremely excited to see Touche Amore in preparation for Deafheaven, who they previously toured with, as they have a similar rough, art-punk sound. From Los Angeles, they’ve slowly become an incredible band to watch. Their fourth and most recent album, Stage Four, is about the passing of lead singer Jeremy Bolm’s mother, who says he struggles with opening up to people in real life, but when writing songs, he “wants to be as open and honest as possible.” Touche Amore is playing at midnight at Mardi Gras. -AH

 Wooden Indian Burial Ground

Always pleased to talk about a Portland band, Wooden Indian Burial Ground was one of my first and favorite finds when initially digging through the Treefort lineup. They find inspiration in “grey skies and early sci-fi novels,” and bring a “fuzzy, sweaty, reverb-drenched beast to the dinner table.” They play Neurolux at 12:40 a.m., and though it’s late, they have instructions to “come dancing.” -AH


SADIE LOPEZ | Boise Sunset Lover | KSXU DJ


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