Your New Favorite Spanish Rockers: Q&A with Hinds

Hinds is my newest obsession. From their adorable accents to their killer aesthetic (no joke, catch me sporting their new fashion line any day of the week), I’ve been living and breathing their latest record, Leave Me Alone. After a quick return to Spain to record their next album in the span of just 16 days, Carlotta Cosials, Ana García Perrote, Ade Martín, and Amber Gringergen are jetting right back to the states to play Coachella, along with a slew of other dates in between with Twin Peaks. I caught up with drummer Amber Grimbergen to get the low down on the new record, conspiracy theories, and their total obsession with The Strokes.

AK: To get this started, how is recording the new record going?

AG: It went so good. We’re so happy.

AK: Did you finish it?

AG: Kind of. We have one song left to do.

AK: How long have you been working on it?

AG: We’ve been writing new songs since January, I think, but we’ve been in the studio for 16 days, which is very tiring, but it’s cool.

AK: Did you want to specifically record it in Spain? Is that why you went back?

AG: Yeah, it’s the same studio where we recorded the first album, and it was so amazing so we decided to go back to the same place. It’s this awesome place—it’s in the middle of nowhere. It has a swimming pool, a basketball thing, and this huge house with a studio in it. You basically don’t move from it, so you just focus on the music. It’s crazy sometimes, but it’s fun.

AK: Your tour with Twin Peaks starts next week! What are you looking forward to?

AG: I love touring in America because everything is so easy. Like, you have to drive for so long every day, but everything is so easy! Like if you want strings or you need anything, you can always find a guitar center. It’s just so easy.

AK: Y’all just collaborated with Urban Outfitters on a merch collection. How did that end up happening?

AG: We’ve been trying to work with them for so long, and last summer they suddenly asked us if it was cool to make some merch together, so we said “yes!” It took us so long to make it happen, I don’t know why, but it’s so cool. It’s so exciting to have our own line of clothes.

AK: I was watching your Nardwuar interview, and he gave you all an amazing signed Strokes poster. What did you all end up doing with that?

AG: It’s actually in Carlotta’s house, because Carlotta has the most super awesome place, and everyday we met up there, so it’s kind of like Hinds’ house!

AK: You also recently met Albert Hammond Jr. in New York recently–how was that?

AG: It was so cool. We had a tour manager for that show that used to work with Albert, and he said he wanted to come. We were like ‘Yeah, sure…’ We did not expect him to come. And he did, and it was so good and so cool.

AK: I heard that Ade is obsessed with ghosts–do y’all believe in any other conspiracy theories?

AG: [Laughs] Ade is so scared of dying that she’s always saying, “If I go up, I want to be a ghost. Just staying around and floating and disappear…” That’s her theory. We don’t believe in much else.

AK: What are you most excited about in your return for Seattle?

AG: We love Seattle. I think we’ve been there just three times or something, but it has always [gone] so well; it’s always been so good. We love the city; it’s beautiful. And I guess playing with Twin Peaks counts, too? [Laughs]

Catch Hinds with Twin Peaks this Monday, April 10th at The Crocodile. There are a few tickets remaining here.

ANNA KAPLAN | Just Wanna Meet Julian Casablancas | KXSU Music Reporter


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