QSTOCK28 Preview: Talking with Moon Human is a “Fine Art”

[Photo by Julia Olson]

The fellas in Moon Human mean a great deal to me, and I’m so excited to share their music with all of you at Quadstock this Saturday. Previously known by the name, Rainy Day Splish Splosh Band, this funky trio has been turning out post-punk/psych rock vibes into the Seattle airwaves for just over a year now. Their debut release, World’s Warmest Dads, received critical acclaim, and their live shows are known in the Seattle community to be some of the best DIY shows around. Moon Human just announced the release of their new (and eagerly-awaited) sophomore album, Flavorfully Blue, due out June 9, 2017, but for a taste of their new jams, you can listen to their newest single, “Fine Art,” here.

Watching Moon Human grow since their first show at our Finally FM! Launch in 2016 fills me with such pride; not only has this trio grown immensely as a band since World’s Warmest Dads, but I also couldn’t be prouder of these musicians as I watch them grow into such wonderful and supportive friends. Below is a little interview I conducted with the band. I’ve also linked my original interview with the band, conducted shortly after their humble beginnings, here.

Be sure to catch Moon Human at their first-ever open-to-the-public kickball tournament, and be sure to catch their set at QSTOCK28 at the KXSU Stage on the Union Green this Saturday, May 20, 2017.

Tickets for QSTOCK28 are on sale now at the Seattle University Redhawk Resource Hub in the Student Center. More info on the kickball tournament can be found here.


Photo by Julia Olson

JULIA OLSON | First Hill Flyer | KXSU Head Reporter


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