Where I Will Be and When on Friday (Just in Case You Wanted to Know): Capitol Hill Block Party Preview Day 1


Sloucher @ Vera Stage, 5:00—5:30 PM
I first heard about Sloucher after the band announced their debut album release show with Fauna Shade and Bod at Rancho Bravo last summer. Sloucher, who opened the Little Big Show #17 featuring Angel Olsen last February, is sure to bring a relaxing rock n’ roll vibe to Day 1 of Capitol Hill Block Party with their unique take on ‘90s influenced emo rock. Check out this interview April (former DMD) did with Sloucher last year!

Fauna Shade @ Neumos, 5:45—6:30 PM
 Fauna Shade is slowly becoming one of my favorite local bands and maybe their Capitol Hill Block Party set will finally tip the scales. Fauna Shade meshes some Ty Segall sounds with their own unique variety, and has been even better live than recorded every time I’ve seen them so far.

H0Bpy0G(Photo by Julia Olson)

Thundercat @ Main Stage, 6:30—7:15 PM
WHY IS THUNDERCAT SO EARLY IN THE DAY? Dear Capitol Hill Block Party, y’all are killing it with this years’ lineup but Thundercat has sexy-cool jamz that deserves a closing spot. Check out the juicy-as-h*ll track “Friendzone” which utilizes some arpeggiator madness to tell a tale of someone who is stuck in the friend zone (but they “would rather play Mortal Kombat anyway”). This gem of a song was released last Valentine’s Day providing an ironic, self-deprecating twist to the holiday. Thundercat’s set will probably be the highlight of my weekend, so catch me there FOR SURE.

Mommy Long Legs @ Cha Cha, 7:45—8:15 PM
Some of Seattle’s best gurl punk, and I say gurl punk NOT because Mommy Long Legs is an entirely female band, but because many of their songs smash the patriarchy in oh, such a satisfying way that womxn everywhere will appreciate. Check out their song “Dick Move” below:

Cherry Glazzer @ Vera Stage, 8:15—9:00 PM
Pairing Mommy Long Legs and Cherry Glazzer back-to-back is one hell of a smart move Capitol Hill Block Party, hat’s off to you. Like Mommy Long Legs, Cherry Glazzer wants you to get over your sexist musician BS and let them sing about what they want for once. Some of my favorite tracks include “Told You I’d Be with The Guys”, which depicts lead singer Clementine Creevy trying to shred on her guitar while hordes of red-shirted men flood the room, and “White’s Not My Color This Evening”, an anthem for periods everywhere.

Run the Jewels @ Main Stage, 10:45 PM—12:00 AM
I’m not going to lie, I know very little about Run the Jewels. But I DO KNOW that many of my trusted music pals really like Run the Jewels, and I hear good things about their unique production techniques. That’s good enough for me to give ‘em a try! 

Photo by Carolina Faruolo 

Austra @ Vera Stage, 10:45—11:30 PM
Looking for a quieter way to wrap up the night? Look no further than the lovely Austra. Not only does Austra’s founder, Katie Stelmanis, have a voice as silky as satin but she has some meaningful things to say as well. Check out the music video for “Utopia” from their recent release, Future Politics, which deals with the dark side of “the personal is political”.

JULIA OLSON | I love IKEA | KXSU Head Music Reporter


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