About Us

KXSU 102.1 FM is Seattle University’s student-run radio station. Seattle University students, staff, and alumni have been broadcasting from the basement of Campion Hall since 1994. We consider ourselves lucky to be based in a city chock-full of amazing local artists, and our station’s programming is aimed to reflect just this. Each individual DJ has near complete control of what they play on the air, giving KXSU a rich diversity in musical taste.

On February 26, 2016, we officially turned into a low-power FM station! Through this transition, our aim continues to be to serve our school and the local Seattle area with the music we want and need.

Stream us on the radio at 102.1 FM or online.


For any inquiries, please email web@kxsuseattle.org.

To contact a specific staff member, view our staff page.

Are you interested in submitting a piece for our blog? Please contact April at kxsuDMD@serattleu.edu in advance.

Have a question about a song you heard on air? Email us at kxsuONAIR@seattleu.edu.