There’s a Song Called “Alfredo.” Need I Say More? Previewing La traviata at The Seattle Opera

[Banner Photo © Philip Newton]

Do you want an excuse to dress up really nice, drink champagne (or cider if you’re under 21) and bless your eardrums with some of the most beautiful vocals you’ve ever heard? Well lucky for all of us, La traviata is coming to the Seattle Opera.


English National Opera, La traviata, 2013, © Tristram Kenton

La traviata is an Italian drama by Giuseppe Verdi. The play includes an intense portrayal of Violette Valéry, a high-class courtesan (fancy prostitute) of her city. Unfortunately, Violette is dying, and the folks of the city were more than excited about that until Alfredo Vermont, a young, dorky, and socially-confused man stumbles upon her and speaks to her about living a life of self respect because a beautiful woman like her deserves it. The story follows a tale of romance, death, societal expectations, and everything in between.

The twisted love story is the most performed opera worldwide. This specific performance is directed by Peter Kinwitchny and stars Corinne Winters and Angel Blue. The tale explores the idea of following your heart and risking everything for love, even though, in some cases, it could cost them everything they have, including their lives.

Catch La traviata at McCaw Hall on any of the following dates: January 14, 15, 18, 21, 22, 25, 27, & 28, 2017. Tickets are still available here. See you there!



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