The Hidden Gems of Sasquatch 2017

So yeah, we’re all still a little triggered by the soundtrack to the Sasquatch! Lineup announcement video, but we’re making the best of it. We’re highlighting a few of our favorite picks, buried deep within the small font section of the bill. Except Frank Ocean. We love Frank Ocean.

Frank Ocean – We’ve known he was going to play this year since last year, but he truly will be the saving grace of this festival. If you haven’t listened to Blonde, what are you doing… – AK

The Shins – A sweet, sweet reminder of early 2000s Sub Pop Records, an era of rebirth, progress, and hope. If “New Slang” isn’t in your top 50 songs of all time, who are you? – MK

Bomba Estéreo – Bomba Estéreo has more live energy than any touring group out there. You won’t find a live set that is so danceable without bordering on cringeworthy. I am so pleased by how high on the bill these Columbia natives are placed (they deserve it), but perhaps that has to do as much with Sasquatch 2017 as it does them.

Car Seat Headrest – These Northwest fellas were the only band my roommates and I correctly predicted on the entire lineup. Car Seat Headrest saw huge success with their 2016 release, Teens of Denial, selling out shows all around the country. And come on, who can’t resist belting out a chorus or two of “IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS, KILLER WHALE!” – JO

American Football – I vibe with the sadboy tone of American Football. Their first self titled album expertly captures that sweet essence of suburban angst, and pairs it with radiant guitar riffs. I got to see this sad, sad band on my birthday last year and it was everything I wanted it to be. Later on last year, however, American Football decided to break their 17-year silence and make another album: American Football (LP2). A little disappointing (and very melodramatic), American Football (LP2) still managed to hold on to that same, “riffy” charm as the band’s original release. American Football’s set is where you are sure to find all the sweet sadboys at Sasquatch (and me). – JO

Foxygen – I am so excited to see how Foxygen’s brand new album, Upon A Hill, translates to the stage. Upon A Hill sees Foxygen taking a much larger approach to their music, incorporating a full orchestra to create a grand, cinematic effect full of horns, strings, and more. Foxygen is famous for on-stage fights and near breakups on the weekly, to make things even more interesting. – JO

Jagwar Ma – Last year, I completely fell in love with this Aussie duo, and thought they might be playing Sasquatch this year. After being unusually upset about missing them at Bumbershoot, I’m so excited to finally catch these boys live. – AK

Rainbow Kitten Surprise – RKS is from my home state of North Carolina…but don’t let that fool you. Definitely give these guys a chance before or during the festival. Their live show is incredible, and I’m stoked to be able to see them on this side of the country. – AK

Final Thoughts:

I thought Sasquatch was going to save festivals this year. After announcing Frank Ocean, and being the first festival in the U.S. to get him, I set my hopes high. I was thinking Frank Ocean, Radiohead and Arcade Fire, and we got Twenty One Pilots and Chance the Rapper. Not that Chance doesn’t deserve it or have the talent to headline; he just tours multiple times a year and I could see him play his own show for around $40. I was expecting Sasquatch to get more unique artists, but instead we got the same bands playing pretty much every festival this year, but in a different order. – AK

Honestly, if you are able to overlook the obvious blemish that is Twenty One Pilots on this year’s festival lineup it’s not ALL bad. It’s just that me and my roommates were gathered around my little phone screen expecting to see Radiohead, maybe the Flaming Lips…and the first thing we saw was “Twenty One Pilots.” It was jarring; I’m not going to lie. But when we took a step back and breathed a little, we were quick to notice the little gems that make it all worth it. It’ll be ok. – JO

It’s obvious that we’re all a little let down. If anything is to save this bill, it’s local Seattle artists to be added and (crossing our fingers) a to-be-announced guest? I have a conspiracy theory y’all:

Beloved PNW heroines Sleater-Kinney are not on the bill. I know. However, Sleater-Kinney playing Sasquatch makes so much sense. They are not currently on tour, which actually supports them possibly making an appearance as they are fairly local. Another crucial fact: Fred Armisen is randomly doing comedy at Sasquatch? (A side note: why would you allocate funds to booking Fred Armisen instead of, I don’t know, a good or unique headliner?) Everyone knows Sleater-Kinney guitar and vocalist Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen are close due to their comedy show child, Portlandia. This leaves us to beg the question: will Brownstein make an appearance? I don’t know, but if Sleater-Kinney plays Sasquatch, WE CALLED IT. – MK


Photo courtesy of Sasquatch! Music Festival



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