Whitney, Lord Huron, and Diplo: Oh My! Capitol Hill Block Party 2017

From July 21-23, 2017, Seattle’s vibrant Capitol Hill will transform from grungy-coffee-mecca into a straight-up party district. This year’s Capitol Hill Block Party is set to be even more incredible than last year’s stellar showcase, which we were all over last year.

After announcing the lineup this past Tuesday, March 7, the KXSU execs and editorial staff were stoked with the news that we decided to pool together to pick out some of our favorite acts from the lineup that we can’t wait to see. At least half of the staff found out that their favorite bands were on this year’s lineup. We’re jazzed, to say the least. Are yoy curious about who we’re itching to see? Read on!


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Um, okay, so what did Seattle do right in order to deserve to see Whitney twice within 4 months? I have no idea, but honestly, I’m not complaining. These boys have been traveling nonstop lately for their almost-always sold-out shows in cities like San Francisco and Boston, and all the way to places like Seoul and Milan. Whitney’s first LP, Light Upon The Lake, is the epitome of what I would think a perfect summer would be like if it took the form of an album. The tinges of sweet, sweet melancholy of their songs will remind you of your fondest moments of experiencing love—platonic, familial, or romantic. Their show at Neumos on April 11th is officially sold out, so if you’re a lil’ sad about the FOMO, be sure to head over to CHBP to redeem yourself. I’ll casually be crying at both shows. – April Jingco 

Catch Whitney at the Main Stage on Saturday, July 22nd.

Angel Olsen


Photo courtesy of Capitol Hill Block Party

I’m still riding my high from seeing Angel Olsen at The Neptune just a few weeks ago, and the thought of getting to see her again in July is almost too much to handle. She’s an actual angel of everything. Angel of music, angel of singing, need I go on? I thought I outgrew my ‘crying at concerts’ phase, but a small tear shed from my eye when she sang “Intern.” It’s eerie and beautiful and in the music video she wears a wig that makes her look like me. I love her. – Anna Kaplan

Angel Olsen will be gracing the Main Stage on Sunday, July 23rd.

Run The Jewels


Photo courtesy of Capitol Hill Block Party

I saw hip-hop duo Run the Jewels live in 2015 and lost my 14 year-old sister in the violently moshing crowd while they screamed “LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, KILL, WIN, EVERYBODY’S DOIN IT” (the chorus of RTJ’s Lie, Cheat, Steal). Stressful? Indeed. Worth it? Questionable. Run the Jewels 3 dropped in late 2016, described by Pitchfork as “the Run the Jewels Manifesto.” There is no doubt that every bro-dude and tech-bro in the 206 will be there. Mosh with caution, and be cognizant of minors. – Maria King

Run the Jewels will take the Main Stage on Friday, July 21st.



Photo courtesy of Capitol Hill Block Party

On my first night back in my sweet hometown of Minneapolis, MN, local hero Lizzo played at First Avenue (y’know, the legendary Minneapolis club where Prince filmed Purple Rain). I couldn’t have asked for a better way to be welcomed home. Lizzo is a force. She sings with such power and confidence, making even the silliest dance songs mean something so much more. She exudes confidence, but in a way that makes her audience reciprocate it. Lizzo is who she is, and she couldn’t care less of what you think. She preaches power for young womxn, and for womxn of color, but with a flair all her own. Would recommend for: post breakup jams and authentic feel good vibes.

I’m writing this on International Women’s Day, but listening to Lizzo makes me want to shout, “EVERY DAY NEEDS TO BE WOMEN’S DAY. DAMN.” Check out her single, “Feelin’ Good as Hell,” and you’ll also be feeling good as hell. – Julia Olson

Lizzo will be hitting the Main Stage on Saturday, July 22nd.

Cherry Glazerr

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Photo courtesy of Capitol Hill Block Party

After just seeing Cherry Glazerr about a month ago, I can say that the new members, their sound, and album all come together to create quite a great show. Lead singer, Clementine Creevy, is such a blunt human being who doesn’t care about what she says or does, which in return creates this overall “I can do what I want and I don’t care” vibe. I was really excited to see them on the lineup because Cherry Glazerr never disappoints, and I’m sure they will attract a sizeable crowd on Friday night. What better way to end a summer week than by jamming out? See you in the mosh. – Celene Koller

Cherry Glazerr will be playing the Vera Stage Friday, July 21st.

Lucy Dacus


Lucy Dacus is definitely a solid new folk-rock star, and a great role model for teens who are passionate in pursuing careers as musicians. Her lyrics aren’t the most amusing; they’re actually quite frank, to be honest. They go along great with her style, though. Her personality and artwork all shine, and so does her warm, deep voice on each of her playful tunes. – Melvin Yuan

Lucy Dacus will perform on the Main Stage on Friday, July 21st.



Photo courtesy of Capitol Hill Block Party

I met Mackenzie Scott by chance at a Brandi Carlile benefit concert this past December (I was sitting in front of her and tried to play it cool while internally flipping out, holy moly). Scott is just as mysterious and cool in person as you might expect by listening to her music. Her 2015 release, Sprinter, is vulnerably emotional, leaving the listener feeling raw and exposed in the best way possible. I listen to Torres whenever I’m feeling isolated or angry to find some camaraderie. Those lyrics tear me to shreds!
I’m feeling emotional thinking about seeing her perform in person. – Emma Pierce

Torres will be taking the Vera Stage on Sunday, July 23rd.

Get yourself down to Capitol Hill Block Party from July 21 to 23. Find more information and tickets here.

KXSU Executive Staff + Editorial Staff | Where’s the nearest ice cream truck?



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