Release the Album Already: A Preview of Dude York at Chop Suey

[Photo by Sam Gehrke]


On January 26th, 2016, our old Music Director, Geran Landen, put “Love Is” by Dude York in our radio library. That tune ended up becoming our eighth most-played song of 2016, and one of the most requested songs on my show. Any time I would play it, anyone who was listening would text me something along the lines of, “Who is this?” So, if you are like those people, I’m here to fill you in.

Dude York is a three-piece from none other than Seattle, WA. Claire England, Peter Richards, and Andrew Hall make up the group, and they have an album coming out on February 24th, 2017. It’s called Sincerely, and based on the two singles they’ve released so far, it’s going to be pretty stellar. If that’s not convincing enough, they signed to Sub Pop to release this one, joining a roster that includes Beach House, Father John Misty and The Postal Service (just to name a few).

Dude York is playing their album release show at Chop Suey on February 23rd, 2017, where we will probably get to hear almost every song from their new record! They’ll hopefully play a couple of songs from their first record, Dehumanize, too. My favorites are “Sleep Walk” and “Hesitate,” if Dude York is new to you and you want to get familiar before the show. 


Photo by Sam Gehrke

Lisa Prank and Mommy Long Legs will be joining Dude York at Chop Suey, making for one of the most perfect local lineups I’ve ever seen. There are no excuses for missing this one. It’s all ages and tickets are $10. See you there.

ANNA KAPLAN | Luv u Geran | KXSU Music Reporter


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